All about me!

Hi! My name is Lyra! I go by they/she, and I'm currently 19 years old. I'm so happy to finally have a space on the internet to call my own! I'm a massive enjoyer of the old web, so being on a site where I can experience what I love firsthand is amazing. I made this Neocity mainly because I found myself growing a large distain for modern social media and all the shit that comes from it. I wanted my own little space to share my thoughts with anyone who wanted to listen. When I found out about Neocities, I instantly knew that this is where I belonged.

^^^Literally me btw^^^

A little more about me now. I'm a beginner writer and game developer, and I would love to merge both of those new passions into one to create a horror game. Speaking of horror games, I LOVE indie horror. I'm a massive fan of Chilla's Arts and smaller, more PSX inspired games. Other things I like include DDLC, FNaF, AKAIKO-EN (A japanese band I'm going to make a shrine for at some point, so look out for that), Nintendo, Evangelion, Yuru Camp, Steins;Gate, Ninjago, Nichijou and so much more! I can't wait to bore you all with my interests!!!